Event "Booboos" to Avoid

Being grown up doesn’t make us immune to booboos.  It simply means that instead of bumping ourselves into the furniture and having a bruised knee, we slip up by mistaking mistakes at work – and as event planners, this means bruised and battered...

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Key Event Metrics You Should Track, Diligently

 Experts agree that the key to success in anything - be it a diet, finances, or event results – is tracking.  As an event planner, it’s imperative that you track your event metrics. It may take some time, but the results will certainly be worth...

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Improving Your ROI, Even in Low Budget Events

While big budget productions are exhilarating to work on, the reality for most event planners, is that a fair amount of the work that we do, will come with a limited budget. But “low budget” doesn’t mean “low returns”. In fact, getting a good...

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