PowerVote Mobile Event App used as a new tool for the AstraZeneca events

AstraZeneca is a biopharmaceutical company that is very much innovation driven. As such, it keeps on investing in improving its products and focusing on interactive events has turned into a ‘must’. The partnership done with Powervote has taken its events to another level, given them a more participative dimension, where the opinion and the feedback from the attendees matter. It has even become major as the collected feedbacks orient the future innovations from the company.

AstraZeneca has used the Mobile Event App by PowerVote  3 times for internal or external events as well as for those resorting to sponsors. Some of the features bring out the best assets of the app and are a good opportunity to maximise engagement. That’s why Astrazeneca focuses on those improving the interaction with the audience.

Alfredo Diaz, Digital Marketing Manager & Commercial Capabilities at AstraZeneca has wanted to share with us his experience using the Event App:

Such an app adapts well to our projects to the extent that it is extremely flexible to cover the necessary information and leverage everything the event demands. Thanks to its high level of customization and real-time actualisation, it is a relevant channel for events.

What made me choose Powervote over any other company was the quality of the interface, the user friendly design, all the available services and the price!”

Without hesitation, the best asset of the solution is to have a high-value digital tool that calls to all publics involved in the event. In addition, the users have told us about its conformity, how easy it is to use and how it was matching their expectations regarding the event.”

The PowerVote team is very good, always attentive, proactive and with a level of response that makes them great allies during events.

We know that our app brings a great addition to AstraZeneca events. Indeed, like Alfredo said, they would like to use it for “events of high competition and complexity”.

Thanks a lot to AstraZeneca for their trust, we will keep up with the good work to surpass client’s expectations.