The JDC (Civic and Defence Day) is the French Civic Education day. During this day, young people (800 000 young people per year) are given tests developed by the Ministry of Education, which are meant to identify young people with reading difficulties. In order to modernise the procedure and speed up the

processing of the results, the Ministry of Education joined forces with PowerVote to set up a system of interactive voting keypads to carry out this testing. In particular, these interactive devices allow for reliable, rapid correction, as well as the economising of paper for each test.

One of the tests given to the young participants allows for the identification of reading and

writing difficulties. Each test-taker has their own PowerVote voting keypad to answer questions

displayed on a video-projector screen. The results are instantaneously corrected and provide quantitative data on 17- to 18-year-olds.

Analysis of the Civic Education day test results gives an idea of the geographical distribution of 17 – and 18-year-olds in difficulty (4.9%). The use of these electronic voting keypads facilitates

the detection of these reading and writing difficulties by rendering the identification process

faster and more effective. Thanks to interactive voting keypads, the Ministry of Education has been successful in identifying young people in difficulty.