Training workshops at Mercedes-Benz Global

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PowerVote’s audience response system was selected for its ease-of-use, full integration into Microsoft standard software, and the strength of its technical support.

Prior to the events, Comware (a leading provider of network security solutions) worked closely with Mercedes-Benz Global Training, to transform their training content into interactive multilingual presentations.

The voting sessions took place in 12 workshops each involving up to 360 voting keypads. Once the voting was completed, individual results were imported into a web-based tool programmed by Comware enabling the groups to instantly discuss the results.

Thanks to the PowerVote system, participants were fully engaged in the training process, leading to a better assimilation and retention of the course content.

Christian Kleffmann, Project Manager at Comware, said:

“We have found PowerVote to be a very reliable and robust interactive voting system. This positive experience has definitely convinced us to call on the PowerVote solution again in future contracts.”

For this event, the PowerVote solution allowed all the participants to take part to the presentation despite the multilingual environment and permitted everyone to interact and communicate efficiently.