Transport For London, After another successful event

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This is the story of one of our most energetic supporters, Transport for London.

Like many clients, Transport for London (TfL) approached us when they needed a solution to engage their audience at an event. It was a simple, but crucial ask, “How can we engage our supplier audience in an upcoming Question & Answer session?”

PowerVote delivered on this request, and a delighted Transport for London came back to us. Again and again. Each time with larger activities, workshops and employee events.

We recently sat down with our friends from TfL, who were happy to give us a strong recommendation and answer questions that other clients may have when considering PowerVote solutions for their own events, big and small.  Here is the transcript of this talk:

PV: You have chosen PowerVote for several of your events now, why do you continue working with us (over competing solutions)?

TfL: Your ability to adapt your solutions to our brand is very important to us. But just as important, is the support we receive from your team. The PowerVote team is full of creative inspiration. Whenever we think up ideas we’re interested in, your team finds a way to get them done. Having the PowerVote team work side by side with us on branding, has been essential to us. The team’s always provided us with excellent service, before, during and after events – going the extra mile to make sure we are satisfied, and that our business objectives have been met.

PV: How would you score PowerVote’s understanding of your needs, challenges and wishes?

TfL: The PowerVote team have come to know us very well. I trust them to the point where I can rely on the team to take care of what needs to be done with the app and engagement, while I concentrate on other aspects of the event. PowerVote have risen to the occasion, time and time again.

PV: Let’s talk about the Event App itself. One of its most important features is its ability to collect data. Has this data brought about any tangible, measurable outcomes?

TfL: Certainly. The data we receive after events has helped us plan successful subsequent events, and has given us useful inputs for our executive reports.

PV: In your opinion, what does the PowerVote Event App do best?

TfL: Audience engagement. PowerVote is an integral part of any event where audience interaction and participation is a focus.

PV: Please share a moment when PowerVote’s solutions really value-added to your event.

TfL: At one event, we had a competition between 24 tables, and asked each table to present a unique solution. Previously, this would have been a rather non-interactive activity, concluding with the winners being announced and everyone continuing with the event. Thanks to PowerVote, our finalists’ submissions were beautifully showcased on the Event App. With that, every member of our audience had the opportunity to view the final selections and vote on their favourite. Best of all, this was all happening in real time! The combination of an interesting idea, competition and an audience that had a role to play in the final verdict, meant that everyone was fully engaged and enjoying themselves. This proved to be a great success.

PV: Could we have done anything more to achieve a perfect, 10/10 score from you?

TfL: There’s absolutely nothing more we could ask for, PowerVote are ROCK STARS!

Thank you Transport for London for your kind words, and for being outstanding clients and friends. We look forward to supporting your team in future events. You guys rock!