AECOM engineers a highly interactive seminar with a PowerVote Engaging App

AECOM event EMEA &India

AECOM recently used PowerVote Engaging App to help engage 330 executives and business leaders from across Europe, Middle East, Africa and India at a recent conference in London.

“The objective of the conference was to discuss the strategy, vision and performance of our business moving forward as we bring together two large companies in EMEAI of over 18,000 staff together. Aligning the leaders of a significant chunk of a Global Fortune 250 company with 100,000 staff worldwide. It was essential to give a voice to each of the 330 attendees who travelled to London to hear from their senior management and also be heard at the same time” explains Steven Capper, VP and CIO AECOM EMEAI.

PowerVote Engaging App was central to the success of the conference. All participants were able to ask questions, make observations and vote through the Engaging App. The App enabled continuous two-way dialogue throughout the day. What impressed me the most was the instant interactivity with real time feedback. All questions from the audience were screened on the fly and presented to the speaker seamlessly allowing them to respond in an uninterrupted fashion”.

From the employees’ perspective, this high-value digital tool was also very well received. “The attendees had endless opportunities to offer opinions, provide feedback and ask questions to the presenters and senior management. We certainly wouldn’t have been able to cover as much ground if the conference had been run as a more traditional style event.” said one of the delegates from India.

“Not only it boosted the overall interactivity and engagement during the conference, but it also allowed us to measure opinions and gain clear understanding of what my people had on their mind. With 150 comments exchanged through the App during the day, we’ve captured the major conversations, ideas and questions. It’s another major added value to have all this input recorded permanently for future analysis and action planning. The benefits of using an Engaging App continues long after the event is finished” adds Steven Capper.

AECOM is already planning to use PowerVote Engaging App to enhance the experience and outcomes of its next big event. “It would be difficult to revert back to a more traditional setting. And besides the innovative technology itself, PowerVote made it very easy and simple. As with many internal events, the decision to run with hiring 170 iPads and using the App was a last minute thing. We were extremely impressed with the support given by PowerVote. We could not have been more impressed by the efficiency and flexibility of the entire team. We’ve really valued their can do attitude all the way through, from custom designing the App, to the last minute changes, and to them being there during the event to ensure it ran very smoothly. They managed to stage a digital event for us with flawless and first class execution”.