Add Magic To Your Conference Calls


Spontaneous communication is key. After the video wave, we want to introduce a tool focused on simplicity. Voice offers a way to rapidly exchange information and feel present together without dominating our workspace or attention, or forcing people into an uncomfortable spotlight.

Discover and its Audiowall: The Audio experience is amplified by the interactivity wall that gets automatically sent out to participants joining the audio conference. It provides an empowering palette to share visual reactions, engage in polls, follow presentation slides and type in questions to enrich the audio call.

Voice, in its minimalistic nature, is great and so efficient. We want to complement with rich interactivity features and a way to follow who is talking.

Need to comment on the organiser’s speech without interrupting her? Just post on the wall. 

Particularly loving what is being said? Send a happy emoji

Want to make the audience laugh? Share a cheeky GIF

Curious to collect feedback? Launch a poll

Eager to spark a bit of competition amongst the team? Post a quiz

Wonder how interested your audience is? Publish a 5-star rating

You can also upload a presentation and make the audience of your call navigate through specific slides. Your participants also have the ability to add pins to moments in time of the audio conference that they found particularly interesting. Having marked those time stamps will be useful when listening to the replay!