BAT Graduate Academy: A polyvalent event app for increased productivity and fun

British American Tobacco, digital, mobile event app

Every year, British American Tobacco (BAT) invites its graduates talents from all over the world for a 2-weeks graduate academy to prepare and train them for the businesses of tomorrow and the challenges of leadership. This year, and for the first time, BAT took a tangible step towards modernity and engagement by choosing PowerVote’s knowledge of user experience to organise this academy around a native mobile event app.

Khai Smith, Learning & Development Manager shares with us his experience:

“For our two-week graduate training academy, we wanted a way for our grads to have all the information they needed in one place, to be able to communicate with one another and something that would help make the process of running the programme more straightforward for us. We used PowerVote’s events app to provide each grad with: their personalised schedule, a venue map and room locations, session documents and surveys to give feedback on the sessions that they attended.”

A flexible and adaptive event app was what convinced them to trust PowerVote for their event:

“We wanted the grads to have everything they needed in one place so that they could focus on learning, rather than having to be onboarded with a number of different solutions. That’s why PowerVote’s extensive feature set and ability to customise our app with exactly what we needed caused us to pick PowerVote over other companies.”

Intuitive, complete.

Our event apps generate many features in a flexible and comfortable way. The organisers understand how the interface works and are able to best design the content of their app to maximise the return on investment of their event. As Khai explains: “The app really was comprehensive and had everything we needed. We found the backend of the solution intuitive and made the vast majority of necessary changes ourselves, though PowerVote made themselves available to support us at the moments we needed them!

Delivering the right event app comes down to being able to communicate and understand the needs of all the stakeholders. For BAT, our approach was similar and we brought in the best of ourselves to serve their event best. In Khai’s words:

“We’d confidently say that the service was excellent at all three points in time. The pre-event training was very effective in getting us comfortable with the system. As mentioned above, PowerVote were on hand to support us where necessary. And lastly, during our post-event review, PowerVote’s team worked with us to determine how we can go one-better for our next Academy.”

We are delighted that our mobile app is able to deliver a quality service to our customers. We attach a great importance to the user experience and concentrate a large share of our efforts into building a user-friendly and useful app for the organisers and their participants.

“The straightforward and intuitive user experience in the administrative back end of the system made it easy for us to customise content and make any changes that were necessary quickly and without any help. The app really was easy to navigate, providing useful information to grads in an engaging way, and was therefore heavily used throughout the academy.”

When asked if BAT would recommend our event app, Khai was very positive and enthusiastic:

“Absolutely, because it played a pivotal role during the academy. PowerVote created the hub around which the entire event revolved. The solution succeeded in providing information and interaction for both the user and organiser, adding to the entire experience.” 

Thank you BAT and Khai for your words and for giving us all the tools to help us prepare the right event app for your Graduate Academy event