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Simulation of clinical cases in the Healthcare industry is a very useful and efficient way to communicate and run training sessions.

By watching concrete situations, doctors can discuss clinical cases and talk about how they would treat the sick patients.

Bristol Myers Squibb, the pharmaceutical laboratory used PowerVote voting system to present their clinical cases in a innovative way: a video of a clinical case with a sick patient was presented to the doctors and they were asked to vote with the voting keypads on how they would have treated the patient in reality.

The PowerVote solution allowed us to animate our clinical cases while assessing doctors with a concrete situation. This simulation helped us to know how the doctors would have reacted if they were facing such a case and how their colleagues would do. It’s a good way to challenge and discuss their medical opinions. We were looking for a tool to communicate precise messages, and the PowerVote solution was great! The doctors were surprised and enjoyed this innovative format of training.

Manuel Morales, Product Manager at Bristol Myers Squibb