EVO Mobile Bank is becoming even more mobile thanks to PowerVote

Voting system for EVO

“I believe that during an event, interacting with the audience is the most important thing to ensure that it goes smoothly.”

Beatriz Migue Martínez, Talent and Communication manager at EVO

EVO is a mobile bank, and makes the most to bring this approach also to their events. That is why they decided to use an app for their Convention, but they could not imagine yet the amount of valuable data they could collect with the PowerVote Mobile Event App.

“For us working in Human Resources, it provides us with great feedback. It’s amazing to help us improve our approach.”

A total of 64,000 page views (20,000 3 days before the event and 43,000 the day of the event) were counted. These are figures showing a high level of interest pre-event. A previous communication with teasers did keep the excitement of the event beforehand and increased visits to the app (up to 50 page views per person the days before). During the event, the interaction was one of the key elements to keep the attention of the audience by involving them directly – many of them rose early to reach the meeting in Madrid.

This was the first convention of EVO, an event that brought together about 400 employees in Spain, its first meeting with other colleagues, and in which the main objective was to know each other, get to know the company and their leaders. Therefore, PowerVote create a bi-directional communication in which 198 direct speakers kept awake the doubts and concerns of employees while questions from the audience were recorded within the app. Conversely, speakers could energize and evaluate attendees through live feedback.

“It has been very easy, communication before during and after was perfect”