La Poste – Colissimo (French Postal Service) Runs its Events with the Angage Voting System

La Poste – Colissimo is a leading French postal service that provides mail and courier services throughout France and is home to over 260,000 employees. 

When the postal giant organised their most recent seminar, they (once again) placed their faith in Angage’s interactive voting system – a solution the company is very familiar with, as they have used our PowerVote voting solution on previous occasions.

Lucie Peres, HR Transformation Project Manager at La Poste – Colissimo, tells us that the keypad’s ease of use is a key reason the company keeps coming back to the solution. According to her, the fact that both participants and event organisers are comfortable with the system, allows her team to run their workshops in a way that’s interesting, playful and constantly different (from what was done previously). 

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