PowerVote adds fun and dynamism to Biotherm sales training!

Biotherm and its interactive voting system

Each year, the Training Department of Biotherm – L’Oreal develops training programmes for the sales teams of its distribution network. Overall, themes covered include identity and positioning of the brand, performance and technical features of the ranges of treatment, the group’s sales techniques and sequences, and new products.

Throughout each training session, the participants, divided into teams, use their electronic PowerVote voting keypads to answer a series of questions, so as to confirm their understanding of the messages being communicated:

“In 2003 and 2004, our training courses were offered in the evening, for groups of between 50 and 300 people. In 2005, we opted for a “roadshow” format, with training sessions organised in nearly 40 cities. These one-day courses are designed for groups of 20 participants. It was therefore important that our instructors benefit from a solution capable of adapting to any configuration and in no way hindered by the number of participants,” explains the Training Director.

« The parallel between the technical nature of Biotherm’s products, whose performance can be measured, and the technological evolution of our training programmes is greatly appreciated by our participants»

declares the Training Director at Biotherm. For him, «PowerVote met two essential and concomitant goals: increase participant involvement thanks to interactive presentations and allow for a real-time confirmation of the participants’ understanding, through the use of electronic voting keypads. The training sessions became much more dynamic and fun. There’s a real exchange that had previously been checked by the paper-based questionnaires” concludes the Training Director.