PowerVote Event App went “all-inclusive” for ARUP!

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PowerVote Mobile Event App went “all-inclusive” for Arup’s Wet Networks event in Leeds. The British company specialised in Design, Engineering and Business consultation, chose PowerVote Mobile Event App for their event.

The objective of the Event App was to encourage the creation of a sustainable business ‘eco-system’ to allow water technology companies to share ideas and business relationship opportunities.

“Refreshing, adaptable, 10/10!”

Susan Hogan, Marketing Manager UKMEA and Global Water Business, was originally tempted by the voting element that she had noticed at other events overseas.

Susan Hogan thought it was:

“Engaging, slick and added real value to the on going debate at the time.”

Convinced and confident, Susan trusted the PowerVote Mobile Event App for the Wet Networks event:

“I wanted to have an ‘all inclusive’ solution for the registration, engagement and overall information management of a number of events. I wanted the solution to be digital and available to all.”

“There was high likability for the app.”

Susan Hogan goes on saying that the app received positive feedback from a traditional audience, usually more technophobe:

“I liked the all inclusivity, the ease of set-up and the ongoing support. I was able to introduce a novel experience to the event attendees. It helped us to be professional and really well organised.”

When asked what was the most valuable result?

“The opportunity to engage fully with our target audience and, in effect, to extend the awareness and effectiveness of running the event by having this ‘social’ space available before, during and after.”

We truly thank Arup for trusting PowerVote and very much look forward to our new collaboration.