"PowerVote’s service is exceptional and priceless." A testimonial from Greater London Authority

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Naturally, we’re delighted when satisfied customers talk about their positive experiences with PowerVote’s systems and solutions (In this case, our Audience Response System). After all, we’re proud of our technology and event solutions!

What also makes our day, is when clients highlight our service as a defining factor in the success of their events. Around the world, we at PowerVote pride ourselves on providing quality solutions with our hardware, software and people.

That’s why we were delighted when Greater London Authority (GLA) | London City Hall gave our service their seal of approval, calling it “exceptional and priceless”. (Thanks guys!)

But we just had to know, what was it that brought them to us in the first place?

“We know how reputable PowerVote are. You’ve worked with a number of large private and public section organisations. This gave us confidence and belief in your solutions.” 

And how was their experience with these PowerVote solutions they’ve heard so much about?

“We used PowerVote for a high level event, titled the “Infrastructure 2050 Conference”. London is facing infrastructure challenges, and we have been working on solutions. At this event, it was crucial that we received constructive feedback on the work we have been doing. PowerVote gave us the ability to ask a series of questions to our audience early in the day. Immediately, we were able to evaluate their responses. This led to provocative, immersive discussions all throughout the event. It was incredible how we were able to capture all our stakeholders’ thoughts in just a matter of seconds. Having this immediate feedback and instant access to information really boosted the energy in the room.” 

So it was a fantastic event for the organisers, with lots of critical feedback and data gathered. What though, about the audience? Did they find value in the event?

According to Mr Taher Hussain, Administrator at the Greater London Authority, their audience enjoyed themselves immensely. The lively discussions, engaging interactions and the genuinely knowing that their feedback was being heard, made for a rewarding event for audience and event organisers alike. At the event’s conclusion, the audience gave their feedback on the event itself – it was resoundingly positive.

Congratulations on a hugely successful event at City Hall, Greater London Authority. We look forward to collaborating with you once again, at your next high level event!