"The Pitch", A Deloitte event made successful thanks to Angage

At the beginning of the year, Audit and Consulting firm Deloitte organised an event called “The Pitch” with Deloitte speakers and external guests. The principle was to invite 7 start-ups to pitch in front of 150 people.

Vincent Guesdon, Deputy Innovation Director at Deloitte shares his experience with the App :

We decided to use a Angage App to allow our guests to ask questions in real time and to network easily and we were thrilled with the outcome. Angage completely changed the whole flavour and dynamism of our event. If we had run The Pitch without Angage, we would have never managed to achieve the same success.”

“Our challenge was to make sure that the audience could interact with the start-ups in a very short time, with 5 minutes to pitch and 5 minutes of Q&A. Thanks to the Angage Event App, we managed to collect between 10 to 20 questions for each start-up and it allowed start-ups to select and answer the most relevant questions in real time.”

We managed the impossible: to give voice to the assembly in a very limited time, while keeping a good dynamic and total interactivity.

On top of having maximum audience interaction, what was also very important for us was to offer a networking platform to our guests to allow them to walk out of our event with something tangible and beneficial: new business contacts.

The Angage Event App is really optimised to facilitate connection between people who don’t know each other and who can find an interest to connect. It’s like a social mobile App.  Our guests really appreciated to be able to network that easily between themselves and to be able to keep the contacts of the people they had met through the social function of the Mobile Event App.

What our guests and Deloitte consultants also really liked was the excellent ergonomics and simplicity of the Angage Event App. What Angage offers is very intuitive. We put the Application in the hand of participants, without having to give any specific instructions. Everything has been thought of to make it easy to use.

“If I had to describe Angage in 3 words, I would choose easy to use, flexibility and efficiency. The partnership with Angage offers us new possibilities to innovate with the format, content and communication around the events we organise. The Angage Mobile Event App is an efficient tool which has the capacity to transform an event in a memorable experience and unprecedented success.”

Vincent Guesdon, Deputy Innovation Director at Deloitte