Tetrapak steps up to the future with Powervote

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Tetra Pak held its cluster meeting on March 27-28th in Cape Town, South Africa. The goal was to step up to the future, as the name of the event indicated! One way to do so: resorting to live polling with PowerVote Event App to engage the audience and receive some valuable feedback.

Niall Hoey, Cluster Technical Sales & Service Director, Greater Middle East & Africa for Tetra Pak Processing Systems tells us about his experience with Powervote.

We used PowerVote for a regional Conference in Cape Town in March 2017. Primary focus was to engage the audience in the topics being discussed. The results were compared to millennium’s opinions. I had a particular opinion on how the App should look and be used. The PowerVote demo matched my requirement very well but also had sufficient flexibility to be changed quickly.

Tetrapak needed an interactive Event App to be ready within a very short timeframe. Another key element was to provide support throughout the event.

The PV team were engaged from the start. The response time from the development team was very impressive. Working across borders was effortless and very well implemented. The response from the Key Account through to the development team was excellent. Resetting of questions and last minute changes were instantly implemented regardless of the time that the request was issued. The flexibility offered when working with a large organisation was much appreciated. PV understood the complexity of creating new suppliers and did not let this get in the way of supporting us.

The PowerVote team is made of event specialists whose main goal is to adapt to clients’ requirements.

From an organiser perspective, it became apparent very quickly that we were working with an organisation that knew event management far better than we did. They understood the deadlines, and the response time requirements. The tool itself although not unique in every concept to PowerVote, was however easy to use and very well received from our participants. It allowed for continuous on-line interaction from our participants which we have not implemented before. For me and my team the product and service matched our requirements perfectly. I would not change anything for the recent event. For our event, next year, I will engage with PV earlier so that we can utilise more of their experience in our event.

Thank you very much Niall for this precious feedback, we look forward to working with you again! If you want to benefit from the same experience, contact us!