The National Osteoporosis Society made its 800 participants play with PowerVote!

“The event was a huge success and the Mobile Event App worked perfectly throughout the three days.” Matthew Weeks, Digital Marketing Officer, National Osteoporosis Society

For the Osteoporosis 2016 Conference, the National Osteoporosis Society requested to use the PowerVote Event App to be a personal guide to all of their conference attendees. They used the event app for live polling, gamification, event guide and much more.

Matthew Weeks, Digital Marketing Officer, speaks about the app in the following terms: “Very flexible, easy to use in terms of user experience.” As event organizer, Matthew Weeks mentioned that the PowerVote Mobile Event App was ideal in the context of a conference where multiple rooms are being used at multiple times: “the app was able to help and guide people quickly and easily.”

When asked what was the best added value, Matthew Weeks goes into raptures about the live polling features: “the live charts worked a treat!”

The PowerVote Mobile Event app also comes with the level of support you desire: “Support was great! The PowerVote team was on hand via phone at the event, and any changes that were required to app were made swiftly.”

“Great team, great functionality and added to the whole conference experience.Our next conference is happening 2018 and I’m sure we’ll be using PowerVote again for your services.” We will be there!