UnipolSai digitalizes internal elections thanks to PowerVote

PowerVote’s undeniable values? “The ease and rapidity of the vote and the immediacy of result” according to Nicola Picaro, President of GAA UnipolSai.

The leading Italian insurance company UnipolSai has decided to rely on PowerVote to improve the election process of their Association’s Event.

With the desire to modernize and speed up an Electoral Process for too long perceived as long and cumbersome, UnipolSai Agents have chosen our PowerVote solution. Their goal? Integrating a digital solution that allows them to vote and receive real-time electoral results with the guarantee that all data is protected. 100% of the attendees took part in the vote and 125 offsite votes were input into the overall results.

The interactive voting system from PowerVote has optimized the event adding a touch of fun to it.

As President Nicola Picaro says, the main benefits obtained thanks to PowerVote have been “the ease and rapidity of the vote”, and the ” immediacy of result”.

Moreover, the President mentioned “the efficiency and quality of assistance before, during and after the event” that the support of PowerVote experts has guaranteed, emphasizing the team’s flexibility and capacity to meet even the last-minute requests of GAA UnipolSai!

Thanks to GAA UnipolSai and associates for trusting us, we look forward to making your next event even more fun and efficient!