Bristol-Myers Squibb gives PowerVote their stamp of approval

BMS, Powervote, ipad, mobile app

Pharmaceutical giants Bristol-Myers Squibb have a global presence in over 3 dozen countries, and have no shortage of high quality event solutions providers knocking at their doors whenever the organisation plans an event.

When Bristol-Myers Squibb organised their most recent event, a satellite symposium during a cardiologists’ congress in Netherlands, they already had an events technology partner in mind – thanks to a positive recommendation from trusted friends, Bristol-Myers Squibb invited the PowerVote team on board and we worked together to provide our the mobile event app they needed.

In a post-event debrief, Bristol-Myers Squibb shared their experience working with PowerVote.

What 2 phrases would you use to best describe us?

“Quick, customer-oriented.”

What do you think of our event solutions?

“We are very content with the service delivered. The PowerVote team provided us with everything we needed, both the hardware and software. This meant 110 iPads, completely integrated with the functionality required. This included voting capabilities, the ability for audience members to interact with speakers by typing by posting questions in real-time (while also allowing everyone to see questions that other participants have posted) as well as excellent on-site service.”

How would you rate the level of service you received, before, during and after your event?

“Very good! “

Would you recommend PowerVote?

“Yes, for your really good service, voting solutions (on the provided iPads), onsite support and prompt post-event report. Keep up the high quality of work!”

We appreciate Bristol-Myers Squibb for allowing us to share their kind words with our readers, and would love to collaborate with them again on their next event.