CREFC Europe rates Angage a 20 out of 10! A testimonial from the Commercial Real Estate Finance Council

The voice of Commercial Real Estate Finance has spoken, and they have stamped Angage with our most flattering post-event review to date – a 20 out of 10 rating! (We know it’s statistically impossible, but we’ll take it!)

The Commercial Real Estate Finance Council (CREFC) Europe are no stranger to conferences or conference-related solutions. The organisation puts together two massive conferences every year and are comprehensive in their audience engagement activities.

From Voting Keypads, to an Event App

Previously an ardent user of our interactive voting solution, CREFC Europe ran into a problem that pushed their costs upwards – perhaps due to large audience numbers, voting keypads were being accidentally misplaced, taken away from event venues, or just lost after being passed through too many hands.

After some calculations, CREFC Europe found that utilising an event app that was easily downloaded onto users’ personal mobile devices (that would not be as easily misplaced) was a more cost-effective option. Plus, a full-featured Event App would provide a host of other benefits to conference participants and event organisers as well.

We met up with CREFC Europe after one of their recent events to speak about their experience with the Angage Event App. We wanted to know if there was anything we could do to improve the app, our service and the end user experience.

CREFC Europe’s overwhelming positive replies floored us. They gushed praises over the Event App, sharing with us how the solution:

  • Is easy to use, even calling it “outstanding and reliable”.

  • Provides conference attendees with a central portal where they could access all conference-related information, including directions, speakers’ details and other crucial details about the event.

  • Saves paper, as previously printed information is now stored and accessed digitally.

  • Encourages audience participation, due to its ease of use and the ability to remain anonymous when asking questions. (Questions can also be tagged to participants for gamification or identification purposes, but for CREFC Europe’s conferences, anonymity is also important.)

The company also spoke about how the Event App has helped them save time and effort in event planning, automating previously time-consuming tasks such as preparing attendees lists and consolidating feedback results.

The human touch

But perhaps the biggest reason why CREFC Europe are fans of Angage, has little to do with technology. “It’s the people.” CREFC Europe told us.

The Angage staff are very easy to get along with. They’re reliable, friendly, very efficient and make the product easy to understand. It’s been a pleasure working with the people at Angage and we look forward to a continued relationship with the team for years to come.” 

Thank you CREFC Europe, for your kind words and positive testimonial. We certainly look forward to working with you in the years ahead as well.


+2000 companies trust Angage to digitalize their events

4,8/5 from +500 reviews

+2000 companies trust Angage to digitalize their events

4,8/5 from +500 reviews

+2000 companies trust Angage to digitalize their events

4,8/5 from +500 reviews