What is a word cloud?

Nowadays, more and more content is being enhanced with word clouds. This concept, which consists of creating an image composed of a group of keywords, is becoming increasingly popular as it can be used to illustrate articles, content published on social media, your personal sites or on a landing page, study results, a tutorial and various presentations. With Angage, learn how to create a word cloud with the best tools. Also discover the benefits and usefulness of this original illustration.

Word cloud: what exactly is it?

Word cloud, tag cloud or keyword cloud are expressions that refer to the same thing: it is a set of words or key phrases that describe and illustrate a well-defined theme or information. Note that the words that make up the tag cloud are organized in a particular way. In the image, you can see that some words or phrases are more important in the word cloud.

The word cloud tool uses different filters, fonts, and shapes to design a unique template tailored to the content to be illustrated. A preliminary analysis of the text or set of keywords will help evaluate the importance of each word in relation to the others. There are many tools and keyword generators available today that can be used to define the list of words needed to create the word clouds. You can find a free online tool, such as Google Keyword Planner, to get the best suggestions and word choices. You need to determine the specifics (shape, colors, font, size, etc.) of your template and this step requires some creativity.

The word cloud is a great alternative when you can't find images or photos to illustrate your text. By opting for an image composed of a selection of words and phrases, you express yourself differently to reinforce your opinions on a well-defined theme. The shapes and colors you choose are also important because they help reveal your company's identity and reinforce your brand image. The word cloud also allows your readers to quickly know what your article is about and understand your goals.

What are the advantages of the word cloud for an event?

The word cloud is a fun, interactive and innovative process that allows you to illustrate your event while conveying a relevant message through an image. It is often displayed to close an event, to end an online meeting or to close a verbatim. The words used by this collaborative application summarize all the topics discussed during the presentation.

By collaborating with a specialized event agency like Angage, you benefit from the experience of the technical team: the different words sent by the audience via the communication tools can be analyzed and used to create a personalized word cloud. It is also possible to generate a dynamic visual that helps to hold the attention of the participants and facilitate the retention of the strong messages you want to put forward.

The word cloud allows you to value your audience by using their vocabulary to create your word cloud. Attendees can quickly understand the main concepts and objectives of the event. Your guests will more easily identify the main ideas of the conference, seminar, webinar or meeting.

Angage, the ideal partner to create a word cloud

Through an interactive application, keywords are collected from your audience's messages or from a keyword generator. Our team can use the free or paid version, depending on the situation, of the most effective tools to help you in your digital marketing strategy: Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Google Trends, etc. A semantic analysis is always performed to find the keywords. Then, it is necessary to synthesize them by selecting the most relevant ones. Then, a customizable system automatically generates a word cloud whose shape, colors, font and other characteristics have been previously defined.

Angage ensures that the visual created is always impactful by using specific colors and typography. When the design is well done, you can use this visual to enhance your communication materials on your own site created with WordPress, Jimdo, Weebly or e monsite. We also offer a solution that allows you to eliminate the terms you don't want to include in your word clouds.

This fun solution allows you to engage your audience and encourage them to share their opinions through interactive voting boxes, react to your presentation and interact with your presenters or speakers. Angage invites you to discover all the solutions that can accompany the creation of a word cloud to optimize your digital presentations.

How to successfully design your word cloud?

When considering creating a word cloud, many questions may come to mind: how many words do you need? How do you come up with the keyword ideas? How do you define the most appropriate typography, shapes and colors?

Angage will help you from the preparation phase, assist you in designing your tag cloud and help you choose the right keywords. The number of words to be used varies according to the specificities of the visual to be produced.

We provide you with a technical team and state-of-the-art tools to easily create word clouds: planning tool and graphic creation tool. Our solutions provide concrete answers to your open questions. Your project is taken care of in the smallest details to obtain the expected results.

Request a free trial and create your word cloud with Angage

The support of a specialized agency is always beneficial for your business. Angage offers you tools with more powerful features than the free tools available on the web to successfully analyze the semantics of your articles and find long tail keywords. In addition, the expertise of our creatives guarantees you a professional result that will impress your audience.

You won't encounter any bugs when designing your word cloud and you can easily download the results. Angage can also create animated and dynamic clouds. Choose a new shape and colors that remind you of your sign.

Angage helps you multiply the solutions that promote interactivity of your online events and improve your communication campaigns. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about creating word clouds or other concepts that interest you. Our team remains at your disposal and offers you customizable services according to your needs and the specificities of your events. We can offer you a turnkey solution.

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