How to create an interactive quiz in a simple and easy way?

interactive quiz

What is an interactive quiz?

The definition of a quiz is often associated with game shows or tests, as it has a fun and interactive dimension. A quiz is a questionnaire, made in the spirit of a game, to encourage participants to take part without reserve and to solicit their answers quickly, orally or electronically.

The interactive quiz is a means used to test knowledge or gather perception on a specific topic or product. The interactive quiz stimulates the interest of the participant in a private or public setting.

In companies, for example, satisfaction or opinion questionnaires are sometimes offered to employees in the form of interactive quizzes. The answers are often useful to carry out the company's policy.

Multiple choice questions (MCQs) allow participants to feel less constrained in their answers. The more fun the quiz is, the more curiosity and desire to participate.From a simple tablet, you access the quiz questions and make the answers through the touch screen, with your finger or a stylus.The quiz is sometimes a challenge. It challenges the participant to demonstrate their knowledge in a particular area. The quiz can be used in an educational context and help to revise subjects before an exam. In the context of a knowledge test, for example, many courses use interactive quizzes.The quiz can be done individually or in groups, according to the needs.

How does it work?

Constructing a quiz is very simple using free or paid software.The first step in the creation of a quiz is its construction. You must therefore think about the quiz in terms of an objective to be reached.A quiz is built as an entertainment, to widen its participation.The company can ensure the product knowledge of a sales team by introducing interactive quizzes, with an occurrence that will promote the rise in competence of employees. The interactive quiz participates in the communication strategy and also allows to animate work and study environments.The interactive quiz allows to involve all categories of employees in the strategic evolution of the company. The interactive quiz is quick and fun to learn. The tests are fun if the questions asked and the context of the quiz are fun.The answers obtained are sometimes used to prepare an event or a large-scale change. Quizzing is a tool for interaction between different populations. Quizzes are widely used in the context of e-learning.The interactive quiz is used in many contexts: pedagogy, measuring customer satisfaction, encouraging employees to adhere to company strategies, promoting internal collaborative values, etc.The interactive quiz creates direct or indirect working links between the different actors. Everyone participates to a different degree and contributes collaboratively and live, interactively, by answering an interactive quiz.

Benefits of the interactive quiz

The interactive quiz is ideal for collecting votes. Interactive voting is set up to collect opinions or views almost instantaneously. Participants in interactive voting have virtual or real voting boxes that allow them to quickly establish ratings on specific products or topics. Electronic voting is a way to gather important information about customer satisfaction.

With a few simple clicks, the interactive quiz is completed and you can export the data to a powerpoint presentation in the form of an interactive table in pdf format.

Virtual voting or electronic voting is increasingly used to collect real-time responses to specific questions. The voting system can be customized according to the software chosen by the company.

Organizing an interactive vote becomes fun and participants adhere more easily when they perceive it as entertainment.

The scores achieved by each participant are visible as they progress through the questionnaire. The visualization is conducive to the completion of the quiz. In the context of teaching, the results obtained in an interactive quiz can be used to analyze the progress made or the efforts to be made. Self-assessment is possible thanks to interactive quizzes.

Many online applications offer entertainment in the form of interactive quizzes by asking questions on general culture or specific subjects.

The interactive quiz participates in the communication strategy and also allows to animate work and study environments. The interactive quiz makes it possible to involve all categories of employees in the strategic questioning of the company while preserving the anonymity of each one, which is often the key to a strong participation.

The steps to create an interactive quiz with the Angage application :

Angage's app has been designed to make it easy for users to use.

The installation of Angage's application is simple and fast under android or ios, from a tablet, a pc or even on a smartphone.

Angage provides a tutorial to quickly and simply understand all the features and possibilities of the interactive quiz, from its development to its analysis.

Once the application has been installed, it is possible to build a questionnaire according to a framework that will suggest you to integrate parameters or without framework.

Angage favors the customization of the interactive quiz and brings you the flexibility and efficiency you are looking for, which is why you should choose the Angage application.

Creating an interactive quiz is real fun with Angage's application, whether the objective of the quiz is educational or professional.

The distribution of the quiz is done according to the chosen target or the objective to be reached and using the channel of your choice. Everything is possible with Angage's application, from the moment you decide to initiate an interactive quiz.

Thanks to the Angage application, you can follow the evolution of the quiz and the answers given. The interaction is total and fun.

You analyze your results and share them in the format that suits you best.

You can repeat the operation and make interactive quizzes as many times as you like, the Angage application is user-friendly and customizable.

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