Improve Collaboration Between Remote and In-House Employees with Technology

When it comes to embracing remote working policies, small to medium-sized businesses are leading the way. Whether it’s because of their naturally flexible management styles, or their smaller office spaces, we can’t deny the positive influence these companies are having on the global workforce.

While remote working is certainly the undeniable future, one key factor still holds many businesses back – a concern with teamwork. Can remote workers really collaborate with an in-house team (and each other) with the same level of proficiency?

With the right technology, the answer is a resounding yes.

Web and video conferencing

All your remote workers need to collaborate with your in-house team is a reliable internet connection, as well as a web and video conferencing solution, like the one offered by Angage.

This particular solution enables your remote works to join office meetings from anywhere in the globe. HD video and screen sharing allow any meeting participants to share the information on their screen with everyone else with crystal clarity – the same way they would if everyone was in the same physical room.

Passing files to one another is just as simple, as the platform allows anyone to share any files with one particular participant, or everyone. These digital file transfers are even more convenient than the traditional meeting room solution of passing a thumbdrive around the room.

Spare the minutes taker

Remember the poor soul who’s always “chosen” as the meeting’s minutes recorder? That person will be glad to know that this role is now redundant. Instead of relying on the (not 100% reliable) minutes that was typed out by one person in the team, The Angage web and video conferencing solution allows you to record your entire meeting, then share the recording with members of the team who need it.

Take votes

Need your team’s opinion on certain project matters? Take a vote. No need to count any raised hands here, as voting can be done through the system – so both in-house and remote team members can let their voice be heard, wherever they are in the world.

The best of both worlds

We’ve seen how technology can enable your team members to communicate with each other from anywhere on the globe. This is powerful, as it presents opportunities for your business to expand by attracting employees with a flexible remote working policy.

For businesses in smaller towns, with less access to suitable employees – or companies that need specialised talent that may not be available in your city – technology like this enables you to extend your hiring beyond town, city or even country borders.

Need something simpler?

If you’re looking for an even simpler, easier to use and incredibly affordable solution for hosting engaging meetings with team members, check out Angage – a meeting engagement app that you can get started using in minutes.

Need help making a decision? Speak with your local Angage consultant, who will be happy to assist.