Make 2018 Your Best Year Ever, in 3 Easy Steps

It’s that time of the year again – for the new year resolutions to come out, and commitments to making next “the best year ever” to start circulating around the family table. 

Unfortunately, here's the sobering reality - research has shown that by January 21st each year, most new year resolutions have died out. Gyms start getting empty again, and office staff start lulling back into familiar territory.

But you’re not a regular office employee, you’re a go-getting event planner! And if anyone can make 2018 their best year ever, it’s you. You just need a strategy for getting there. Here’s our simple (but highly effective) guide to making 2018 your best year ever, in 3 easy steps. 


Step 1: Write Down Your Goals

It’s important that you follow this instruction strictly. Remember, you need to write down your goals.

Don’t simply think about them. Don’t just type it into your phone. WRITE IT DOWN. You see, the process of writing engages more of our senses, and “locks in” the goal in our mind, far more effectively than if you were to merely think about it. 

Be sure to include as much detail as possible. What are your goals, in detail? When exactly would you like to your goals? Break each goal down into stages and decide again – what they are, and when you would like to achieve them. 

Most importantly, think about why you want to achieve each of your goals. This is what will give you the motivation to see your goals through to accomplishment, even when you run into problems (which surely will come up alone the way). 

Starting to see why writing your goals down is crucial, and why “I’ve got them in my head” isn’t an answer that’s going to inspire you toward action? 


Step 2: Start Your Days Right

Many of the world’s top leaders and entrepreneurs share a similar habit – they start their days with rituals.  For some, this may mean making the bed before heading to the shower.

For others, it may mean starting their day with gratitude before breakfast, or meditation, breathing practice, yoga, exercise, or prayer. Set a regular schedule for yourself, then go ahead with it. Measure how that start makes you feel for the rest of the day. If it helps you start the day energised, repeat it – and perhaps even make it your daily ritual! No time to engage in a daily ritual?

Here’s another top tip from productive leaders – they wake up 30, or even 60 minutes earlier, just to get their ritual done.

This habit will surely be challenging (and pretty tiring) to do for the first few weeks, but stick with it and you’ll be rewarded with a sure-fire way to kick-start your days right, and boost your productivity on a daily basis. 


Step 3: Track Your Progress with a Journal

Now that you’ve gotten going with goals and a routine to supercharge your days, it’s important to keep track of how you’re doing – because this is the only way you’ll maintain your enthusiasm, know how far you’ve come, and determine the next steps to reaching your goal within the year. 

And the most effective way to do this, is with a humble journal.

You don’t need a fancy journal, just any notebook from a bookstore will do.

Of course, if aesthetics matter to you, then spend a little more and get a nice-looking journal that you’ll want to open and pen your thoughts in every day. 

Journaling is, you’ve guessed it, yet another productivity secret that successful entrepreneurs and event planners practice on a daily basis.


Making 2018 Your Best Year Ever

You’ve now go the tools to make 2018 your most amazing year ever, all you need to do, is to get started. What’s the best time to do so? How about right now? 

Switch your phone to silent mode, lock yourself away from distractions, and spend the next 15 minutes planning your goals – and nothing else.  It could be the most important 15 minutes you’ll spend all year.  Good luck! 


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