What is Event Gamification, and Why Should I Bother?

Event Gamification

If you haven’t heard of event gamification, you’re in for a treat. Gamification has been changing the way events have traditionally been organised – and are boosting audience participation, satisfaction and engagement levels, worldwide.

What is event gamification?

Event gamification introduces a “gaming” element to your events, and dramatically improves the level and intensity of audience interaction.

What’s more, because event participants are now more deeply invested in the event, they interact with each other more, and (if you give them the opportunity to do so), will engage with event speakers, and even organisers.

This level of interaction transforms every element of an event.

Imagine these situations:

  • Event participants proactively chatting with each other, even outside of networking sessions – because the “game” of interacting with other participants has now given them a good reason to chat with one another during breaks.

  • Audiences snapping photos of the event space and actively sharing their excitement on social media, knowing that every post gets them a point in your gamified event, sending them higher up the event leaderboard.

  • Participants willingly and happily returning from breaks on time, because they earn points for doing so.

  • Engaged audiences that are excitedly participating in the day’s activities (i.e. No more sleepy, nodding heads as your speakers go through presentation after presentation).

  • Event speakers asking audience members questions, then immediately seeing the answers of each and every member of the audience – no matter how large the audience size is.

  • Feedback is captured on-the-spot, without the need for additional systems, nagging (and other forms of persuasion), or old fashioned pen and paper.

These are just a few ways that event gamification can completely revolutionise the way you organise and execute your events. In fact, for many others – this change has already happened. (And event audiences worldwide are happier because of it.)

Need advice on how you can gamify your event? Speak with our team at PowerVote for more information on event gamification, and our gamification-enabling mobile event app.


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