Eurovia (VINCI) Gives PowerVote a Thumbs Up!

Eurovia, keypads, audience response system


Their employees may not know this, but the PowerVote Voting System has been the secret ingredient powering the Eurovia’s Annual Inductions for a few years now!

How did this all begin?

A few years ago, Eurovia started looking for a smarter way to record participants’ answers to quizzes and collect feedback responses. The primary tool for getting the job done back then? Manual forms. Not only was this a chore for participants, but collating all this data into a report was also a hassle. Things should be done faster, and Eurovia knew this.

In stepped PowerVote. With the powerful keypad system, audience participation and feedback responses could now be collated in seconds. Perhaps more impressively, results could be viewed instantaneously. Audiences were now engaged throughout the event, and half-completed forms had become a thing of the past.

But PowerVote’s versatile and instantaneous voting system is only half of this winning equation. Our professional event support team is what truly differentiates PowerVote from the competition.

In Eurovia’s own words,

“ are great experts in audience engagement. Helpful, attentive and competitively priced. I definitely think they go the extra mile. They are always available to help with any queries and are very reliable. They have become friends”

Chelsey Paden Directors’ Secretary at Eurovia Infrastructure Ltd

Eurovia’s reception to PowerVote has been very positive. Now, the Eurovia team is interested in taking a tangible step further and manage on their own the PowerVote interactive voting system, so they can have a deeper control on their events, and further power up their Annual Inductions taking advantage of the keypad system features.