FIX Trading Community’s experience with PowerVote

FIX Trading Community, Powervote, voting system, keypads

When FIX Trading Community decided to up the ante at their recent annual conference, their focus brought them to PowerVote.

As an industry-driven organisation that’s dedicated to addressing real business and regulatory issues impacting their community, being able to engage and receive feedback from their audience was a priority that demanded the organisation’s attention.

FIX Trading Community chose PowerVote as they were looking for quality, reliable service – essential ingredients for a conference where event technology needed to be up to par with the conference’s high standards, and needed to work as expected, capturing valuable data throughout every key moment of the conference.

A sponsor-friendly solution

What’s more, the voting keypads had to be branded with the conference sponsor’s logo – a feature PowerVote’s solution offered (and competitors’ solutions did not).

Working with the PowerVote team

FIX Trading Community commended their PowerVote contacts on their swift response speed and on- site support, commenting on their high level of confidence in the team’s ability to handle the technical aspects of the voting solution – allowing them to focus on what was important to them, running the conference.

The FIX Trading Community team also shared thoughtful insights on further improving the integration of PowerPoint presentations with PowerVote’s solutions – valuable feedback that we genuinely appreciate and will certainly make a part of our processes moving forward.

What did conference participants think of PowerVote’s voting solution?

FIX Trading Community reported a lot of positive feedback regarding PowerVote’s voting keypads. Event delegates really enjoyed the interactivity the keypads brought to the panel sessions, and were enthusiastically asking about the voting results – keen on seeing how their votes stacked up among their peers.

Thank you Lois Ranft for placing your trust in us, and for your insightful feedback. We’re exciting about implementing your suggestions in future events and hope to see you again soon!