PowerVote helps Dior deliver a successful training program!

Dior interactive training

In order to offer the friendliest service and impeccable advice to an often hurried clientele, Dior Travel Retail has relied on PowerVote and its interactive voting handsets to make its global training more efficient.

“In order to allow our teams to best position our offers before a particularly demanding clientele, we chose to favour a solution that provided both optimised message memorisation thanks to playful training sessions and an immediate evaluation of the audience’s knowledge level “said the Director of Training at Dior Travel Retail. “For our instructors, in charge of programme content, this saves precious time and ensures that the courses meet the needs and expectations of our personnel,” she continues. “

We require that our personnel memorise a considerable amount of information, in particular with regard to the beauty care treatments. This necessitates a perfect understanding of the technological aspects and performance of the various product ranges,” explains the Director of Training at Dior Travel Retail. “The added value of the audience response system is allowing us to avoid the dull, time-consuming processing of paper-based questionnaires. We could now freely create, modify and personalise our questionnaires, based on the immediate needs of each region”.

“The interactive presentations – into which we were able to insert questions, while graphically displaying the results in real-time as ‘rankings’ – naturally encouraged the participants’ involvement and spurred competition among the teams,” concludes the Director of Training.·