PowerVote reaches out to the teachers and the education sector to bring more interaction to the classroom.

Powervote Voting system at schools

  “I use the PowerVote Voting System with my year 6 students“.

The French School Roger Gavage has had the keypads for the past 6 years. Jean Carlo Zamboni, teacher, shares with us why PowerVote has been a succesful educative tool for his class. Simplicity and reactivity! For his class, the keypad solution enabled a new level of interactivity that besides being innovative, provides the pupils with new ways of engaging in class.

On an educational level, it is a very innovative, playful and efficient tool. All students participate in class. I use them either for diagnostic evaluations – which helps students understand what to work on – or for summative evaluations”

The wireless handheld keypads in class could prove further interesting in the sector. Engagement rate remains a critical concern for teachers who aim to provide the best learning environment to their students. They need their students to be focused while encouraging more participation and engagement in class.

For Jean Carlo, a major plus was the ability to consult results instantly. Also, he noted that the playful aspect of this technology further motivated his students.

“I am fully satisfied with PowerVote’s Voting System for an educational use”.

Jean Carlo’s experience has proved “fully satisfying” and he is decided to promote the constructive outcomes of using this technology to other teachers. He hopes the use voting handsets will be further extended in the education sector.

 “It would be great that other schools could use it as well. If I could, I would do demos in other schools because of how relevant it is from an educational standpoint.”

“For all these reasons I would recommend PowerVote”.