"Good service, great product!" An interview with Grant Thornton, discussing Angage’s event solutions.

PowerVote at Grant Thornton's conference

After their most recent conference, the team at Grant Thornton took some time out to speak with us about their experience using PowerVote.

In this short discussion, Grant Thornton spoke about why they chose PowerVote (over the competition), gave their impressions about PowerVote’s audience response system and tell us what their delegates thought of their new, “interactive conference” format – enabled by PowerVote.

Why did you choose to integrate Angage’s event solutions into your recent conference?

“We wanted to include an interactive element to the conference. Additionally, we also wanted to gain information and data that we could use in commentaries and editorials in the weeks and months ahead.” 

What made you select Angage over similar offerings?

“PowerVote provided us with fast responses and reliable follow ups, at a good price. We enjoyed the demonstration and were impressed by the team’s eagerness to work with us to meet our needs.” 

Did the PowerVote Voting System live up to expectations?

“The audience really enjoyed using the audience response system. The interactive elements were engaging and participants found it fun and easy to use. The voting system is an easy-to- use solution that added a really strong, distinctive element to our latest conference, improving on previous conference formats.”

Would you recommend Angage to friends and associates?

“Yes, absolutely. Good service, great product! We want to thank you for your professionalism and service. We love PowerVote and the output (data and reports) you’ve provided us with. Your team has been really easy to work with.” 

We’re delighted to hear that your latest conference has been a resounding success. Congratulations on your achievement Grant Thornton, and kudos for being creative and trying something new – jazzing up your conference with our line up of interactive event solutions.