How to sell event apps to your clients

How to sell event apps to your clients

As an events company, every opportunity to upsell or resell, is another path toward increasing your profits from an event. With the steady rise in popularity of event apps, these apps could be an avenue for lucrative profits for your business – and a great way to add value to your clients’ events. But just how do you persuade a client to set aside a budget for a good event app? From our experience, we’ve found that selling them these key benefits can help to turn a “maybe” into a “give it to me today!”

Show them how it makes dollars and sense

Event apps can provide ROIs (return in investments) that far exceed their cost. You just need to show your clients how. With a good event app, companies can attract better sponsors, sell advertising space in the app, gain valuable data from event participants, save on printing costs and much more, as detailed in our recent blog post.

Sell them the “app-enhanced event experience”

Clients who have attended an app-driven event before, are usually easy to sell to. They know all about the incredible flexibility, accessibility and networking possibilities a good event app can provide. With these clients, you just need to sell them the best event app in the market, and customise it to fit their upcoming event’s unique needs.

The challenge is selling to clients who have yet to experience these possibilities live. This is where you will need to:

  • Understand their event well

  • Think about all the possible ways an event app will enhance their event, including:

    • Speeding up the registration process

    • Providing participants with a repository of event-related information and materials as a highly effective tool to gamify an event

    • Providing a way for participants and presenters to communicate in real-time

    • To connect participants with each other

    • Quickly and accurately collect feedback, questions and other valuable data

  • Walk your client through these possibilities, putting them into the context of your client's upcoming event

We’ve found that by successfully conveying the true value of a good event app to event clients, many will be excited to jump on board, feeling assured that their investment would pay itself back several times over.

As an event planner, this means more profits for you, and an improved event experience for your clients. Now that’s what we call a winning situation. To find out more about an event app with industry-leading features and technology, chat with your local Angage consultant today.


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