Tantalising Desserts to Delight Your Audiences With

Tantalising Desserts to Delight Your Audiences With

One of the easiest ways to win brownie points with your event guests, is to tickle their tummies with tantalising sweet treats.

And what better way to do this, than with delectable desserts during meal times and snack breaks.  Need some ideas to get started? Try these popular delights! 


An all-time favourite among fans of savoury food, cupcakes are a must-have in any dessert line. Be sure to include chocolate among your line-up of cupcake flavours! 

Candy/Cake Pops (with sprinkles!)

Offer audiences candy pops at their table to keep them occupied (and wide awake) during speaker presentations.

Or for something that’s easier to swallow, include cake pops - sprinkled with rainbow sprinkles - into your dessert selection for an instant dose of one-bite yumminess.

Crème brûlée

Crunchy, buttery, and everything in-between. This tantalising dessert is a sweet, smooth sugar rush that is sure to be a favourite among your event attendees. If there’s only one drawback to having this delicious creation available, it’s that you may find participants staying outside after the break for a second helping! 


This French creation has taken the world (and dessert lovers everywhere) by storm. Make these succulent creations a part of your dessert selection and have event audiences coming back from their tea breaks with bright smiles and happy tummies.


Something local 

While event catering selections tend to comprise of popular international desserts, don’t be afraid to include a few local favourites as well.

Whether it’s a traditional rice cake, or icy temptation, throw it in for good measure – your audiences (and their taste buds) will thank you for it.    *Images courtesy of Pixabay


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