A flexible and innovative Event App enchants a retail sector company

“We wanted to find a way to interact with our delegates before, during and after the conference, as well as reduce the paper that we normally use.“Rosalin Marshall, Head of HR Retail.

This year, for their annual employee conference, a leader in premium retail, decided to partner with PowerVote.The conference brought together 320 people from the retail stores, head office and leadership team. The aim of the gathering event was to review the 2014 activities and reset the priorities and focuses for the year ahead along with recognising key contributors for the previous year.“We decided to use the PowerVote Event App for this year’s annual conference because we wanted to find a way to interact with our delegates before, during and after the conference, as well as reduce the paper that we normally use”.

360 degree interaction

I must say that the PowerVote Event App delivered above and beyond our expectations. When using such a solution, there is always a risk whether or not people will actually use it. I was truly surprised at the level of interaction and engagement of our entire workforce. Even those who wouldn’t normally feel comfortable asking questions or connecting with people at such a quite a big event participated fully via the App. People used it before and during the event to make connections, take notes, take pictures, ask questions, vote and give their feedback on the programme of the seminar. It was almost like a virtual conference as the people who couldn’t make it physically could follow the conference on our social channels at the same time.

100% flexibility on the spot

Working with the PowerVote team was a great experience. They hold our hand every step of the way. They stayed in the conference room during the whole event so they could hear what was going on and keep me updated with key insights and recommendations on how we could increase engagement and interaction.They noticed that people were active taking pictures on the first day so they suggested we add a photo booth function into the App. They set that up very quickly with success.On day 3, we completely changed the agenda and timing as we had a last minute speaker. The flexibility and reactivity of the team meant that changes were incorporated seamlessly and professionally. It’s really good to have this flexibility, to be able to make changes as you go.

Unprecedented collaborative input

Through the use of the PowerVote Event App, we walked away from the 3-day conference with meaningful data that help us understand what people really want to hear about and what content we should provide next year. It really made a big difference from the events we held in the past. We have never gathered that type of insights before, so the amount of data our people shared with us is helping us shape future events.Overall, PowerVote provided us with an amazing product and service. They carefully listened to understand our needs and provide robust solutions to support our objectives, and have shown flexibility at all time to find different ways to achieve our main goal.