What is a conf call?

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A conf call or conference call is a name that defines a communication established most often in audio by voip (voice over ip) technology or by the traditional telephone network, whether from a fixed or cellular phone. The conference call as it is also called allows to establish a connection with a variable number of participants and to allow the conversation with all of them thanks to the telephony.

What is a conf call?

The conf call can be done from a meeting room or remotely. The conf call allows to establish conference bridges all over the world. The remote meeting is possible in audio conferencing but it can now also be done in video conferencing. The organizer communicates information about the meeting by phone through the network, on the company's instant messaging system and can schedule meetings with face-to-face or remote participants. Video conferencing is an evolution of conference calling. In addition to the speakerphone, video conferencing allows for the visualization of participants and through lync for example, web conferencing takes place as a teleconference allowing for screen sharing.

The conference, audio conference and video conference services have been widely developed to respond to the digitalization of companies and the economy. There are many options and they often offer unlimited meeting times and more or less attractive options depending on the needs of each person. Within the framework of a classic meeting, in a meeting room, the telephone meeting is done through a terminal, often called a telephone octopus, which is connected to a classic telephone socket but more and more now on a voip line, which uses the Internet network.

In the context of collaborative work, audio or video conference calls are widely deployed due to globalization. A dedicated phone number allows people located in different countries or sites to meet at the same time.

The conference call is nowadays more and more virtual, it adapts according to the technological evolutions, the image and the sound, optimizable with Bluetooth speakers for example, collaborate to support the collaborative work and the exchanges in audio conference or in video conference.

How does the conf-call work?

The conf call or conference call is a communication tool, a remote telephone communication solution that works through the telephone and has evolved through the development of the Internet. The voip allows to call through the internet network and to exploit the bandwidth to couple the voice to the image. Video conferences are organized with participants from all over the world.

Each solution offered on the market highlights different possibilities adapted to each person. The telephone conference has become a working tool used all over the world. A simple phone number allows several employees to join a meeting or a web conference.

The advantages of the conf call

Depending on the purpose of the meeting, a conference call can be organized with clients, to announce important news, or to bring them together by video conference and share essential documents with them.

Exchanges with the conference call are faster and denser, which allows a reactivity appreciated in the framework of commercial relations for example. The communication is reinforced and without limits since it can be established internationally.

For companies with employees in many countries, the conf call is a solution that strengthens relationships between employees who do not work face to face. The meeting room is virtual, so from a logistical point of view, the conference call is a simple and economical solution that is very often secure.

The company has guarantees concerning the confidentiality of the exchanges when setting up a videoconference solution. Videoconferencing is a communication tool and a solution that all companies use in a collegial way, certain of its usefulness in the construction of the company's policy.

Web conferencing allows the different departments of the company to offer interactive training to many participants at the same time.

The different tools to make a good conf call

A conference call involves setting up a framework for communication. The sender and receiver of a conference call can be fixed phones, desktop or laptop computers, under ios or android, cell phones, tablets, octopus.... Many tools are compatible with the phone networks used and with the software chosen and each other.

LCD or HD screens can also be used to organize web conferences in different places in interactivity, added to the basic tools, they allow a more comfortable visualization and a different animation. Everyone can find their own way to organize, plan, and establish conference calls quickly and successfully. Whether it is for private or professional use, everyone can choose the tools that will allow him to realize the conference call of his dreams!

How much does it cost?

Here again, there is the possibility to make free conf calls, between individuals, thanks to software that offers it after installation on Android or ios, on his cell phone for example. Free is also proposed for some options to companies, but it is important to respect the criteria of a good conf call, an optimal sound and video continuity, hence the interest of taking paid solutions that ensure you make your conf call, audio or video in excellent conditions. The formulas vary, the prices are set according to the options offered, everyone can find on the market a solution adapted to his budget and expectations.

How to make a conf call with Angage?

Angage offers many options that can be tailored to your needs. Angage's focus is on simplicity and optimized functionality to ensure the success of all your meetings, whether they are conference calls or video conferences.

Angage's packages are designed to meet the needs of the largest number of people and to make it quick and easy to set up a solution you won't be able to live without!

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