What is a workshop?

A workshop is where a group of people work together collaboratively. We can therefore define a workshop as a workshop in which, based on a given theme or subject, exchanges will take place in a given work group.

In a company, workgroups can organize a workshop around an issue to initiate a reflection and define future progress. For a conference or training organizer, the idea of a workshop is to get employees to participate in a collaborative workshop where they can discuss important issues or develop a strategy together. At the center of a workshop is often a facilitator, who has to ensure that the audience will actively participate in building the organizing company's projects. The workshop often aims to federate a team-building spirit that strengthens cohesion within the company or the framework of an event project, for example. In a workshop or a workgroup, the objective is often the resolution of problems, either within the company but not exclusively; this is also valid within the training framework.

Who participates in the workshop?

The workshop's audience can be large or targeted, depending on the context of the workshop. Participants are often invited by the company or a trainer to discuss and pose key points around an issue, a future development, or a strategy to be built. The guideline of a workshop is creative and should open the doors of reflection to all participants. The workshops can be organized in companies, public institutions, training organizations or associations. The location of the seminar is possible wherever it is requested. The restitution of the workshop is as necessary as its organization. Indeed, it is essential to ensure that each participant, whoever they may be, is involved in the exchange and that everything expressed is reproduced, precisely or in broad outline, in a report that everyone can consult afterwards. Differences of opinion on a topic or issue are fascinating. Gathering them can often identify potential obstacles that must be addressed to bring the project to fruition.

The benefits of this collaborative workshop

A workshop's benefits are diverse and depend on the objectives set and the participants' expectations. In general, the company considers the workshop a managerial tool to reinforce team building and team spirit. Perceived as a way to include employees at the heart of the company's strategy, managers use this management method to unite all participants in project construction or in the search for ideas to develop the company's profitability. Whether for production teams, sales teams or administrative teams, the formal group meeting becomes, in a workshop, an interactive meeting that encourages the exchange of ideas, points of view, and the collection of testimonies that will open up and collaboratively feed the reflection. In the framework of research in general, the workshop is pervasive; it encourages all the people collaborating on a project to participate in its elaboration, in its conception. It is a very positive way of working; the group openly shares its thoughts, thus often making progress. The workshop's objectives are numerous: it can be organized to train, solve a problem, find ideas, and inform. The collaborative work emphasized in a workshop favours group dynamics, allows for consensus in exchanges, facilitates direct and verbal communication, motivates employees and encourages creativity.

How long does a workshop last?

The duration of a workshop is variable, as is its frequency. It can be a one-time event, with a limited time to be respected, for the active brainstorming of those participating in the given collaborative work and for the facilitator's feedback. It can be repeated, within the framework of the construction of a strategy, for example, and federate, by the association of competencies and the quality of reflections, a very fruitful idea for the company which will be used as an axis of development. Everyone can decide, for their employees or within the framework of a university course, for example, to program one or more workshops to promote team building on subjects or learning that are reinforced in collaborative workshops. The workshop requires a facilitator who can be the organizer but not necessarily, make the joint workshop more fun or creative. Whether for problem-solving, federating within a company animate training, or orgorganizea conference, in the association of employees or participants, working together makes all its sense with a workshop. Group meetings are creative and productive, which can only satisfy the oorganizer The employees feel intrinsically part of the company and motivated to make the necessary efforts to progress together. As you can see, the duration of a workshop is decided according to the needs expressed and the objectives to be reached.

How to oorganizea workshop with Angage?

Engage offers workshops very adapted to the expectations of each. Engage offers various formulas. The framework of the workshop is flexible or fixed according to the needs expressed. The duration of the workshop is variable, as well as the number of participants. Workshops are often more productive in small groups; therefore, this criterion can be met even in a conference with many participants. Engage focuses on simplicity and efficiency to accompany you in your collaborative workshops. Consult us to learn more about the workshops we offer. Angage's workshops are a source of clarity, friendliness and performance. Whether for a conference, an event or an association, a workshop with Angage guarantees success and participant satisfaction.

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