How social media "stories" promote clicks through scarcity, and how your event marketing can benefit from "stories"

While social media’s popularity has been around for a decade, a new trend has started appearing on social media platforms.

What are “stories”?

Social media “stories” are snapshots that are usually deleted (by the social media platform) a day after being posted. So what makes social media stories engaging? Firstly, not everyone’s using this feature – so stories stand out more quickly.

They’re also placed at the top of social media apps, with the most recent stories taking the more visible spots. This means even if your friends and followers have 500 other new feeds showing up on their walls and timelines, your account can still get eyeballs because it’s in prime position.

Stories work because of FOMO.

But most importantly, stories play to many social media users' fear – FOMO, or the fear of missing out.

Because they’re time-limited, fans and friends are more enticed to click on it now. After all, they don’t want to be the one person who’s missed out on that intriguing post or exciting video after it’s gone.

Use FOMO and social media stories to your advantage

As are social media stories, FOMO can be a powerful weapon in your marketing toolkit. Use them both to create an invisible magnetic forward that draws fans to you and compels them to click on your posts. When doing so, remember the mindset of your typical social media stories fan:

  • They’re already up-to-date with news on their feed: That’s why stories appeal to them. Stories are a breath of fresh air.

  • They like their news snappy and visual: Stories are excellent for eye-catching visuals with short captions. Keep everything bite-sized.

  • They have a “fear of missing out”: Make use of the time-limited nature of social media stories, use this platform for quick promotions, freebies and other time-limited offers/news.

  • Limit your posts: Unlike regular posts, the photos and videos in a social media story play one after the other, like a slideshow. Consider this and try not to post 20 event photos in one story – it’ll bore viewers. Instead, keep your accounts short, and keep people wanting more!

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