Online voting, how to choose?

Online voting

What is online voting?

Need to gather opinions or answers to urgent or strategic questions?

You can simply get the answers you need through online voting.

With the software of your choice, carrying out an online vote becomes a quick and easy formality. Electronic voting has become widespread with the development of digitalization and the need for proactivity inherent to the economic stakes of companies and institutions.

Mobility has also played a role in the expansion of online voting, which has been implemented to reduce distances while promoting the participation of all in organized votes.

System security is a key element of Internet voting. Voting operations are articulated with applications that allow voting according to the given context.

The polling station becomes virtual for those who cannot travel or who could not vote by mail.

The implementation of online voting operations is also done in the context of political elections. As soon as the electoral lists are published, the voting system is built all around the event, by electronic means, thus promoting the saving of papers and envelopes and the access to voting from abroad. It is economical and convenient to vote online and it is secure.

Voters no longer have to travel, they can vote from their company during professional elections, to elect their representatives in the company for example, or if they are on the move, they can participate from their remote workplace in the planned online voting.

Voting can also be done within the framework of an online survey: the voters express themselves by answering a quiz for example, in an interactive vote. The progressive visualization of the scores is appreciated.

The voting device is provided individually to the voters, within the framework of electronic voting operations, implemented thanks to the voting applications available on the market.

How the Angage voting system works:

Angage's goals are to make online voting as easy as possible, while ensuring the security of online voting operations.

Angage's voting system is flexible depending on the number of voters and the event requiring online voting. Angage's voting system is also intuitive and collaborative.

The online voting system is ideal for all corporate events and promotes collaborative work and internationality.

The advantages of online and remote voting:

Online voting is possible from any work tool, desktop or laptop computer or smartphone.

Remote voting is done via an internet connection and without any particular tool since the voting box can be virtual. You can organize online voting on a large scale since voters can be connected from anywhere. Online voting is easily and simply accessible through an online voting application like the one offered by Angage.

Online voting guarantees a secret ballot, unlike voting by phone or email.

Online voting is an ideal tool for marketing teams who are fond of online surveys, but it can also be used to poll voters on a function or product or to create question and answer pages that will be useful to all.

Corporate strategy is more predictable with online voting and analysis.

The different online and internet voting systems:

The most popular voting systems are those that create regular, pre-formatted online votes for a primarily marketing target.

Online voting is done remotely or in person and in real time, which facilitates the production of statistics on trends or voter tastes.

Mutual insurance companies regularly organize their elections by offering the possibility to vote online or by mail. Some online voting systems offer the choice to vote in the way that suits you. This flexibility covers all expectations.

Some applications are specialized for online voting for elections, others are more adapted to online voting for general meetings, others allow for thousands of voters, others for a limited number of voters, the options are varied and numerous and aim to satisfy the needs of everyone.

Some of the options offered by these online voting systems make the operation fun and the decision making quick. Online voting can be scheduled more or less in advance, allowing voters to participate after they have obtained the elements that give them access to remote voting.

Online votes are sometimes editable: the voter can, within a certain period of time, correct their answers.

The counting of online votes becomes a pleasure that satisfies everyone because it is done quickly and automatically by the voting system. You no longer have to worry about finding volunteers to do it.

Online voting has completely streamlined the entire voting process.

The visualization of the results, after exploitation of the electronically collected data is done in different formats, and, depending on the system, the export of the data can be done in excel or powerpoint.

How to create an online vote with Angage?

Creating an online vote with Angage saves time and promotes interactive voting and the security conditions expected for any type of vote.

Creating an online vote is very simple with Angage.

From an internet connection, and after installing our online voting application, you will have access to all the necessary tools to guide you in the development of your voting operation.

Once your voting questionnaire is set up, you submit it to the targeted voters and you collect the answers quickly and efficiently to proceed to the counting.

Online voting with Angage is the key to your success with your employees, customers and partners, don't miss it!

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