Event Apps vs Voting Systems: Choosing the ideal solution for your event


Need a little help boosting engagement levels at your event? Sometimes, all you need is a little bit of technology to nudge a conference in the right direction – the two most popular choices being event apps and voting systems.

Why choose one over the other? We’ll take a look at the advantages of both (in different event settings), so you can decide on which is better suited for your upcoming event or conference.

The Straightforward Choice: Voting System

A voting system (such as the Angage Voting System) usually consist of voting keypads that participants can use to input answers (or votes) into, and a system that serves as the “intelligence” – collecting answers keyed into the keypads, then tabulating and displaying the results in real-time.

With a little creativity, you can gamify some sections of your event to significantly increase audience engagement levels. For example, stage presenters can ask audience members to vote on certain choices given during their presentations – and the results can be shown live, on stage.


  • Simple (for event planners) to set up
  • Easy (for participants) to use
  • Immediate results
  • Can be used to gamify events and conferences
  • Affordable
  • Limited interactive options (outside of keying in answers into a keypad)


The Complete Experience: Event App

An event app is sometimes known as the ultimate event tech, given the boundless possibilities available with its implementation. Everything you can do with a voting system, can also be done with an event app – and a whole lot more.

Best of all, there’s no additional hardware needed. Participants simply download the app to their phones and gain access to a library of resources, connectivity, networking opportunities and more. Because the app is on their phone, participants can continue to access messages, connect with one another and download any event-related materials you’ve made available to them – until the time you decide to remove content from your app.


  • Easy for participants to access and use
  • Opens up a world of possibilities for event planners
  • Provides lots of gamification options
  • Massively improves audience engagement levels
  • No additional hardware needed, participants use their own smartphones
  • A lot more user (and usage) data can be captured



  • Longer set up time (although the set up will be done by an Angage professional)
  • Less affordable than a voting system


Have more questions?

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