How Mobile Event Apps Can Dramatically Improve Your Event’s ROI

Over the last few years, Mobile Event Apps have been steadily gaining in popularity. Event planners who effectively utilise the technology rave about it - yet across the globe, there are still many who are not ready to make the move and go digital.

Their main reason for holding back? Surveys show that often, it’s the upfront cost associated with using a Mobile Event App.

Yet, that’s exactly why smart event planners love event apps. These planners know that the upfront cost of an event app is far surpassed by the tremendous return on investment they receive from using it.

Just how do Mobile Event Apps provide such a valuable return on investment? Let’s count (just some of) the ways.

Going paperless

Depending on the scale of an event, the cost of having printouts can add up. We’re not just talking about the cost of paper. Not everyone realises this, but printouts can add about $3,000 to $20,000 (or more) to an event’s costs.

These figures include the cost of printing coloured and non-coloured handouts, as well as the labour costs associated with cutting, folder, sorting, storing, transporting, distributing and collecting these handouts.

A good event app will allow your event to go completely paperless. With all event-related information and communications taking place within the app itself, all you’ll need to provide is a Wi-Fi connection. (You won’t even need to hand out mobile devices to access the app from – all your attendees will already have one of their own.)

Reduced staffing costs

What happens when every event attendee has a digital personal assistant in their smartphones, standing by with all the most updated event information, accessible within a few taps?

What if that event app could also assist with check-ins or turn other administrative work into do-it-yourself solutions that event attendees can handle by themselves?

The result is, you won’t need as many event helpers to direct people to event halls/rooms, answer questions, or standby at registration counters. Once again, the cost savings from a reduced staff size (not to mention, the improved ease of coordination from handling a smaller team) could easily be in the thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars.

Attract sponsors

Every organisation would love to have their event costs defrayed with sponsorship income. But sponsors need their brand showcased prominently, if they want a good return on their sponsorship investment.

What better place to showcase their brand, than on an event app that every event participant will be accessing, multiple times a day, every day for the entire duration of the event?

You could give gold sponsors prominent logo placement on your app, while platinum sponsors may get their own dedicated page within your app. (You could even get creative and incorporate games into your event that give participant additional points for going to a sponsor’s page in the event app and reading about them.)

This is just the beginning

As you can see, just one of these improvements may easily cover the cost of your event app. Implement a few of these improvements together, and your return on investment can be massive.

All you need is to understand how to strategically implement an event app into your event to maximise ROI.

If you need help, feel free to contact your friendly Angage team for ideas. We will look into your event and give you our best suggestions for maximising your ROI, with a 100% obligation-free consultation.


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