How Mobile Event Apps Are Delivering Strategic Value to Event Planners, Marketers and Organisations Worldwide

The adoption rate for event apps has been rapidly increasing in numerous markets, yet slow to catch on in some others. The primary difference, has been the recognition of event apps as strategic plays in an event.

(As opposed to simply being a useful tool to enable gamification of events.) Just how are event apps delivering strategic value to event planners and marketers worldwide? Here are some key ways.


Conversing with participants before, during and after events

Smart event planners know that the key to arousing interest in an event, begins long before the event doors open. By conversing with participants before events, event organisers can now create a buzz and get potential participants eager to reserve their seats – even before a single seat is available for reservation.

Event apps also allow event planners to keep the conversation going after the event’s conclusion. After all, once you’ve got a potential customer to your event – you would want to keep them.


Upselling your services (as an events management company)

Event management specialists package event apps and their related benefits together with their service. This means event companies can now talk about how their events can be gamified, promote far better interaction than competitors’ ideas and deliver a better return of investment (ROI) overall.

This of course, enables their services to be packaged at a deserving premium.


Understanding audiences

One of the biggest advantages of using an event app, is that every app can be customised to their unique user. This is absolutely crucial when exploring post-event analytical data. This means that you now understand every one of your event participants even more deeply than before.

From the information they’re willingly made available to you (i.e. Their name, job role, company, etc.), to the data you’ve collected based on their app entries and usage during your event, you now have a wealth of personal and usage data available for you to explore. Talk about truly understanding your audiences!



An event app can greatly improve your event’s results as well as giving you significant insights into the thoughts and behaviours of every one of your participants -  effectively and significantly improving your event’s ROI. Give event apps a chance to impress.

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