Why Are Mobile Event Apps So Pricey? Do the returns justify the price tags?

Mobile Event Apps So Pricey

Mobile Event Apps can add an additional 4 to 5 digits to your event budget, depending on the functionality, features and level of customisation and support needed.

Simply put, they’re not cheap $500 add-ons that event owners will say yes to without batting an eyelid.

But, why do event apps cost as much as they do? And more importantly, do they deliver with value that meets or exceeds their asking price?

More than an app

Perhaps the biggest misconception when it comes to event apps, is that event planners simply purchase an app that’s “good to go” out of the box.

Unlike Pokemon Go or Super Mario Run, an event app isn’t a “Here’s your app, now go figure out how to use it” purchase. Event apps are powerful, intuitive and easy to use for participants — only because the team putting the pieces together have made it so with a lot of good backend work, prior to each event.

This is where the event app team comes into play. Let’s use our Angage Mobile Event App as an example.

When you contact Angage, our consultants get to know your plans for your event and your business/event objectives. Then, the team proposes a solution that will suit your specific event needs — before working with you to customise the Angage Mobile Event App with the features, information and integration needed to power a great event.

Finally, our event team will be at your event to provide technical support — ensuring your event app runs smoothly, all throughout your event.

Delivering massive value

A good event app can deliver incredible value and a positive return on investment (ROI), if you’ve set your event objectives early and customised your event app to help you fulfil these objectives.

Here are just some of the ways an event app can deliver valuable benefits to your event:

  • By adding excitement and entertainment though gamification

  • By promoting interaction between speakers and audience members

  • By enabling event participants to network with each other

  • Being used as a hub for event-related information, such as speakers’ bios, presentation slides, marketing videos, etc.

  • As a platform to attract and showcase sponsors

  • By acting as an efficient, easy-to- use feedback collection tool

With intelligent implementation of a mobile event app, your return on investment can easily be multiplied — making event apps a no-brainer (i.e. must purchase) decision for event planners who are “in the know”.

For everyone else, we hope you won’t get left behind. Feel free to call or email us to learn more about our popular Event App, we’ll be happy to give you an insightful, obligation-free demonstration.


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