Choosing a Mobile Event App? Here’s What to Look Out For

So, you’ve decided to use an event app to spice up your next event – engaging event participants, gamifying your event, and collecting data easily. Great decision!

Now, it’s time to choose an event app. What should you look for when selecting one, and how would you know if this app is suitable for your upcoming event? Here’s our advice.

Is there a strong support team, or is this a DIY app?

Is this app/platform supported by a professional team that’s experienced with events? Or is this app a DIY (do-it-yourself) solution?  Our advice is to always choose an event app that is backed by a team who will be by your side, supporting you with the app’s implementation and integration into your event.

After all, there’s no use having a app is it doesn’t work optimally.

ROI potential

A common mistake first-time event users make, is to place a heavy emphasis on the app’s cost. But an event app’s price tag is rarely a good indication of its suitability with your event.  Instead, take a look at the potential return on investment you can receive by using a particular app.

Certain features, such as the ability to collect voting data, may mean a cost savings in other areas – since the app is handling a task you would otherwise have had to pay additional rental/staff fees for.  Also, the huge amount of data collected with your event app can be worth a lot of money to your business, or your client.

If your selected app can help you collect this data easily, and if the event app provider has a team that can present this data in useful reports – the app may in fact be paying for itself, many times over.

How “heavy” is the app?

Even with free Wi-Fi at your event, asking participants to download a space-crunching app on their personal devices, can be a tough ask. T his is especially true is participants are downloading the app with the hope of getting a task done immediately. (For example, if your speaker asks your attendees to download the app and use it to answer a question currently displayed on stage.)

Once that moment is gone, participants may simply stop the download and give up on any other activities that require the use of the app. The best apps should be usable in seconds, even without a high-speed internet connection. An example of a “light” app is the PowerVote event app, which can be downloaded, started up, and used in seconds – not minutes.

Get started

The simplest way to find out if an event app meets your needs, is to simply give it a test run. So try out a demo today, and experience how a humble event app, can completely transform the way you run successful events.