Gamification, recommended for your event application


Gamification is a theory that consists in applying the mechanisms of video games in another domain in order to propose an innovative experience. It allows to improve the engagement and loyalty process. This concept, whose effectiveness has been proven in various industries, is gaining momentum. Discover with Angage, the advantages and particularities of gamification before experimenting it.

How to use gamification for an event application?

Gamification is a process that allows you to optimize your usual animations. It is suitable for both physical and digital events. Whatever the reason for the participants' presence, gamification makes it easier for them to reach their objectives: learning, discovering, etc.

This concept is ideal to take your participants into another world and to make them live a unique experience. At the end of the animation, the message to be conveyed is well understood: the participant will then be more easily engaged and ready to make a decision.

You can gamify different types of events: cocktail parties, team building, receptions, festivals, company parties, buffet dinners, conventions, private sales, etc. By working with Angage, you benefit from personalized support for event management and the choice of tools you need to use.

Discover the benefits of gamification

Gamification has become a trend thanks to all the advantages it offers. In the world of events, gamification has become a must to create an animation that creates atmosphere and relaxes the atmosphere. You will be delighted to see the satisfaction of your guests. In large companies, this concept contributes to improve the relationship between employees and to strengthen the team spirit.

Gamification to engage your audience

Gamification is important for companies that want to push targeted users to interact by leaving comments or reviews. For example, you can post a photo with a goal to reach to unlock a reward on social networks (10,000 likes for a natural product tip for example).

Gamification for better information retention

Gamification increases the interactivity of your events: participants live a more immersive experience and can become actors of the event. Features such as chat allow them to get more information and enjoy a more human service. They can ask questions by sms. When the requested information is obtained instantly, the attention of the participants is better.

How to gamify your event?

If you're interested in gamification for your next event, check out Angage's ideas to help you enhance the experience of your guests, mobile users or spectators. Make sure you have a good internet connection to ensure the online event runs smoothly. This technology can also be integrated into a physical event: wedding, conference in the auditorium, meeting, theater.

Gamification cannot be improvised and requires a good preparation. Ask your guests to bring a smartphone, tablet or iPad so they can participate and enjoy all the surprises you have prepared. Also talk about the event-driven application you plan to use so they can download it in advance.

Gamification, what is the difference with "ludification" ?

Ludification is the French term used to talk about gamification: in other words, there is no difference between gamification and ludification. Take advantage of all the benefits of this concept to improve your business plan. Angage, your event agency, can take care of the organization of your events from A to Z. Contact us to guarantee the success of your professional or personal events.

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