The Starter's Guide to Event Gamification

The Starter’s Guide to Event Gamification

“Event gamification” is a term that event planners have been hearing about for several years now. But depending on where you live, the concept may not (yet) be a familiar one.

If so, that’s good news. Because it means that you can get the jump on the competition, by implementing gamification into your event planning playbook.

So, what is event gamification?

It’s the process of inserting fun, interactive, and even competitive elements into your event programme – essentially, transforming any “regular event” into a “game” that engages and excites participants.

What you will need

  • An event: Of course.

  • Event participants: These can be strangers, or a corporation’s employees, partners or customers. It really doesn’t matter, because by the end of an expertly gamified event - these people will be teammates, friendly competitors, and buddies.

  • A mobile event app: A single, simple-to-use, but extremely powerful event app that every event participant downloads to their mobile phone, can be the driving force behind your gamified event. 

  • A strong support team: To set up your gamified event, and your mobile event app, you’ll need a strategy – ways to get audience members engaged with the various activities available at your event. This is where an experienced support team can really help – advising you on how you can effectively gamify your event, then implementing that advice in an actual event.

What types of events can you gamify?

Just about any type of event can be gamified, and just about every event will benefit from some level of gamification, including:

  • Conferences

  • Product launches

  • Showcases

  • Seminars

  • Parties

  • Concerts

What are some ways you can gamify your event?

These are some simple ideas to get you started. For more innovative ways of gamifying your event, contact professionals in your area. 

  • By setting up a leaderboard and pitting event participants against each other, or sorting them into teams to encourage teamwork and interaction.

  • Encouraging audience members to interact with your speakers though responding to polls, asking questions, etc.

  • Prompting event attendees to network, by giving them points for certain tasks – such as snapping a photo of a fellow attendee’s name tag, or entering the person’s name into their event app.

  • Sending participants on “treasure hunt quests”, like counting the how many of a certain sponsor’s logos they can find in the dining hall, among other activities.

When it comes to gamifying your event, you’re only limited by your creativity. Event gamification is transforming events around the world, and delivering impressive ROIs to organisations and event planners everywhere. 

So, if you’re still on the fence about whether to give event gamification a try – just do it! Or speak with your local PowerVote team for an obligation-free chat on how easily (and effectively) gamification can be implemented in your next event.


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