7 New Year's Resolutions on Every Planner's List

The new year brings joy, hope and new year’s resolutions into everyone’s lives!

As an event manager or meeting planner, we know that you’ve got one of these lists already penned down. Does it look anything like ours? If not, you might want to add some of these to your “2020 resolutions” list.

1. Level up my social media game

With social media platforms (and the influencers who thrive on them) constantly levelling up the game, it can be tough to keep up.

From IG stories to Facebook Ad pixels and more, there’s a lot to catch up with – but put this on your list of priorities in 2020, and you could build a significant advantage over your competition.

2. Implement new tech

As a reader of our blog, you’re likely familiar with all the latest tech in the events and meetings spaces. The question is, which tech will you test out in 2020? Will wearables make an appearance at your next event? Or perhaps facial recognition technology, VR, or something else?

If you’re late to the party and have yet to try out our event app or meeting-focused angage.live, this is the year to jump in! Want a free trial? Just contact your local Angage team.

3. Stream an event or meeting live

Live streaming is becoming increasingly popular, thanks to how easy it’s becoming to set up a live stream. Don’t believe us? Simply open up your Facebook app and click on “Live” – within seconds, you’ll be the star of your own live stream, which is now viewable by the world.

Streaming an event or meeting is almost as quick, only involving a few more steps. Get to know the power of live streams in 2020 and expand the possibilities of what your events and meetings can deliver to your business this year.

4. Optimise workflows

With dozens of items on your TO DO list each day, it can be challenging to handle various projects and teammates. But it doesn’t have to be, if you learn to leverage the tools and tech that’s at your disposal.

Popular project management solutions include Asana, Trello and Workflow, just to name a few. Give these a shot and pick your favourite – this one solution could result in a lot more work done, and a lot less stress in 2020.

5. Analyse all this data I’ve collected

The joy of big data is that we now have access to incredible quantities of information that we can use to improve our events, optimise meetings, and drive our businesses toward greater success. But if not harnessed properly, big data can also be a double-edged sword – giving us far too much information that we can actually understand.

When working with a solutions provider, be sure to choose one that has the capabilities to collect big data for you (i.e. from your events and meetings), as well as the expertise to present this data in an easy-to-digest format, such as a comprehensive post-event report. This way, the data you collect can deliver an obvious and immediate return on investment (ROI). 

6. Update our company’s portfolio

This is one TO DO that’s often left till late in the year… then pushed to the next year’s list of resolutions. Remember that while it’s important to get urgent work completed, it’s even more necessary to get important work done.

Your company’s portfolio is crucial for securing future business deals and impressing future customers and clients, so get this done early in the year – before it gets lost in the expected hustle and bustle.

7. Have more work-life balance (finally)

Make this a priority in January 2020. You know that you deserve work-life balance, so plan how you will achieve this goal today – and see this goal through as you journey through another busy (and fulfilling) year!

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