Why Do It Yourself (DIY) Solutions are Gaining Popularity Among Organisers

When it comes to improving engagement levels at events and meetings, tech solutions can be some of the most powerful solutions in an organiser’s toolbox – with video conferencing technology, event apps, and other solutions coming to mind.

But there’s an interesting trend in the market. Organisers, who once enjoyed the convenience of managed services, are now choosing do-it-yourself (DIY) solutions instead.

Why is there a trend towards DIY solutions in these spaces? First, let’s explore the key differences.

The benefits of managed solutions

For busy organisers, the prospect of simply handing one aspect of an event or meeting off to a professional to run, is a very appealing one. This is especially so when referring to tech solutions that can take some expertise to set up and run.

Let’s take the example of an event app. Traditionally, an event app provider gets to know an event organiser’s event requirements, then set up the event app to meet those objectives. On the day of the event, the app provider would handle the management of the app and ensure it runs without a hitch. After the event, they would compile the data and present it in an easy-to-understand report.

While this hands-off approach was appealing to organisers, it also came with a few drawbacks – namely increased costs and a reliance on the app provider.

Why DIY?

Today, the preference is skewing strongly towards the side of DIY solutions. And there are good reasons for that.

Importantly, DIY solutions are simply more affordable. Without a management fee, the solution suddenly becomes a lot more appealing from the perspective of an organiser who’s looking to ensure a positive return-on-investment (ROI).

It’s also a lot more flexible. When you are able to handle the set-up and running of the solution within your team, last-minute changes are a lot more manageable and less stress-inducing.

What’s sparked the change in mindset?

But what’s really led this change is an improvement in the usability of these solutions. As solutions providers move towards a DIY business model, they also aspire to make their solutions a lot more user-friendly – and that’s great news for event planners and meeting planners everywhere.

At Angage, we’ve been moving in this direction too. Our flagship solutions for events (the Angage Event App) and meetings (Angage) are designed with DIY users in mind. From running test meeting rooms to subscribing and managing live meetings and events, it’s incredibly simple for users to get everything done in-house.

And any time a little help is needed, our team is on hand to assist – giving clients the best of both worlds, the flexibility, and affordability of DIY solutions, with the assuredness of a managed service.

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