Apps Every Meeting Organiser Should Have

Meeting organisers are busy, busy people. They handle everything from setting agendas to finding ideal time slots that meet participants’ packed schedules, and much more. These days, they even need to keep participants engaged and entertained – that’s a lot on their plate!

But we don’t need to tell you this. As a meeting organiser, you’re familiar with the daily struggles modern meeting organisers go through. We have great news though – technology (especially apps) are here to make your life a whole lot better.

These are our top 5 apps that every meeting organiser should have on their phones, tablets, laptops and desktops.

Communication Made Easy


As one of the most popular collaboration tools in the market, slack provides meeting organisers with fuss-free ways of keeping everyone in the team synced up and updated on the latest plans.

Running multiple meetings? No worries. Getting messages across to multiple people and groups is simple, as the tool allows meeting organisers to create various channels and groups that can correspond to your various meetings.

Scheduling Meetings


Traditionally, organising a meeting – even within the same organisation – could be a painstaking process involving multiple emails and SMSs. Doodle takes this pain away by enabling meeting organisers to create polls that encourage participants to vote on their favourite meeting dates and times.

Now, it’s easy to go with a transparent “majority wins” decision – or point colleagues to the boss’s vote and ask them to play ball by choosing the same option.

Keeping Your Life in Order

Google Keep

As a meeting organiser, you probably already have 20 different To-Do list options – but hang on, we promise you, this one’s still worth trying out. Google Keep, like most Google services, doesn’t do anything revolutionary, but it does it best – and this is certainly one of the most user-friendly To-Do list solutions we’ve ever used.

You can easily create, then categorise multiple lists. This allows you to keep track of every aspect of one meeting – or multiple meetings – with Excel-like clarity, without Excel. As a bonus, you can also create a category to take care of your day-to-day, non-meeting-related activities – like your grocery and shopping lists.

Boosting Engagement is the newest addition to Angage’s line up of event and meeting-focused solutions. It’s also perhaps the easiest to use, professional-level app that organisers can use to significantly enhance engagement during meetings.

The app gives meeting organisers the ability to set up polls and ask questions live, as meetings are happening. It also puts the power of engagement into the hands of participants, who can answer questions, post questions of their own, participate in polls and create chatter and buzz among other participants.

All this, along with a host of other features, results in far higher levels of interaction during meetings than ever before. Because the app also captures detailed analytics of participants’ interactions, the meeting (and all the actions taken during a meeting) can be gamified – further boosting meeting participation levels.

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