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Meeting organisers are constantly seeking ways to improve interactions. After all, a meeting filled with interested, energised and engaged participants, generally leads to better and more productive meetings (or training sessions).

But, building desirable levels of engagement isn’t always easy, or affordable within modest meeting budgets.

Existing engagement tools

While engagement tools exist – most notably in the form of meeting & event apps – such solutions are generally designed for larger-scale events and require a minimum investment of time, money and expertise to set up.

Meanwhile, meeting organisers often prefer an affordable DIY solution that they can set up in minutes – while still creating a good level of audience engagement.

Bring your meetings (and audiences) to life with is a brand-new tool from meetings & events solutions experts, Angage – and is the ideal tool for kickstarting audience engagement in any setting.

Best of all, it’s so easy to use that meeting organisers can get started in minutes, even without any professional assistance or prior training. Simply put, if you know how to use Whatsapp, Facebook or Evernote, you’ll know how to use

What can you do with allows anyone in your team to create questions and polls for meeting participants. These questions and polls can be created on-the-spot, during a live meeting – or they can be crafted in advance and pushed out during specific points in the meeting.

And with the ability to create multiple rooms, a single member of your team can handle all the engagement that’s happening in multiple meeting or training rooms. Meanwhile, audience members can type in their answers to open-ended questions, vote in polls, like and comment, and more.

Meeting organisers can choose to add another layer of engagement by highlighting certain questions or answers, using to spice up live presentations or reinforce key training points.

Analytics and gamification

But doesn’t stop there. The platform also collates the engagement levels of every participant and gathers these analytics for organisers to study after (or even during) the meeting.

During the live meeting, engagement points are awarded to participants, based on their level of participation. Meeting organisers can use these points to reward active participants with prizes or other forms of recognition.

Fuss-free setup

Perhaps the best thing about is its simplicity. By default, there are almost zero setups needed. Meeting organisers simply share an easy-to-remember code with participants, who can then access the platform via their smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktops.

Or, if an added layer of security is needed, organisers can request for users to register with their email addresses, before logging into the session.

Basic branding options, such as the ability to add a company logo and customise the colour of the platform, are included (and easily done with a few clicks).

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