5 Reasons to Use Angage at Your Next Meeting

Often, the difference between an excellent meeting and a mediocre one, comes down to one factor – engagement.

If your meetings still adhere to an outdated structure, where information only flows in one direction – from your presenters to your participants – you could be in danger of boring modern participants, who expect their opinions to be heard.

An engagement app, such as Angage.live, can transform your meetings by increasing participation levels and improve the results that your meetings deliver. These are 5 reasons why you should use Angage.live at your next meeting.

1. Information can now flow both ways

Perhaps the biggest advantage of Angage.live is how the platform encourages a two-way flow of information between presenters and audiences. Presenters ask questions through the platform, and participants type in their answers or vote in polls.

And if participants have questions for presenters, they can speak up by typing their questions into the platform. It’s that easy.

2. Gamify your meetings

Meetings and training sessions can be exciting, tense affairs if there’s a closely contested competition going on throughout the session.

Angage.live enables you to gamify your meetings as it automatically captures all participation that takes place – from answering and asking questions, to participating in polls, liking posts and more. Participants’ scores can be displayed lived, so you can keep everyone active and engaged, all throughout the session.

3. Almost zero set up

Angage.live is so easy to use, there’s no set up needed. You prepare content in advance or on the fly. It’s up to you! All your audience needs to join is a URL and a short 4-letter code. No download required. Pure blazing fast web app.

4. Brand the platform

Really, the only two things you’d want to (but don’t have to) prepare in advance are your logo and choice of colour for the platform – and these can be set up with a few clicks.

With Angage.live, you can easily upload your company logo and paint the room with your brand colour. This way, the experience your meeting participants have will be completely personalised to fit your brand.

5. Collect analytics

There’s value to seeing which participants were more engaged during your meeting. Engagement is a sure sign of interest in your brand, product or service – and these are the individuals your sales team will want to follow up with after the meeting.

Good thing then, that Angage.live collects detailed engagement statistics. Every time a meeting participant asks or answers a question, comments, participates in a poll or likes something, the system captures this information into an easy-to-use report that you can access.

Try a demo of Angage.live

Keen on learning more about Angage.live? This is our easiest-to-use solution ever. In fact, we’re so confident of its simplicity and straightforward appeal, that we’re inviting you to test out the system free-of-charge, without any need for an Angage staff member to walk you through the process. Just visit Angage.live to get started.

Of course, if you would prefer us to take you through a guided tutorial, we’re happy to help. Contact us for more information.

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