NEW on : give a grade, embedding and more...

Give a grade

New on : you are now able to let your audience give grades.

Indeed, you could already run polls, quizzes and brainstorming sessions on Now you have on more way of rating propositions, projects and questions. You were probably already familiar with the 5-star ranking and the emoji rating... well now you can give grades on the scale you decide (up to 100)! Imagine you want your participants to grade the presentation out of 20... All they have to do is to slide up the scale to the grade they want to give your presentation!


Embed your live feed in your own website


The embedding has been a highly-requested feature. We want to thank you for your precious feedback! Thanks to your comments, you have now the ability to integrate your live with all the interactive features that come with it onto your own website. Indeed, you can benefit from the video live stream, the posts, likes, comments, polls and much more, simply embedded onto your website (or the platform if you wish!) Users accessing your website will instantly be connected to your live as participants. An ideal way to supercharge your own page with all the interactivity goodies from!


Make sure all your participants are engaged


What's more, focuses on giving all participants a voice. If you go to Members, you will find the list of participants along with their engagement score. This corresponds to the number of interventions and contributions they have made on this live, whether it is a post, a vote, a like or a comment. Checking the engagement score helps analyse who is active on your live session and who is not in order to include a little bit more those who do not contribute much. We are aware that being virtually shy exists too, that is what likes are made for : participants who do not want to ask a question under their own name can like previously asked questions in support of these. A nice way to remain engaged all the while staying anonymous too!

Feel free to try today :

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